This is what people have to say about our Coachings!

  • Dear Fatima, thanks for all the help that you have given me, this guidance has made a difference in my energy, my mind and this of course, is now showing results. After several months of knocking on so many doors (more than 600 hundred), I can prove it. I feel that FINALLY I am moving forward again. I am truly grateful to your team and the company.

    Silvia - GERMANY

    Legal Professional | Sustainability & Managment

  • The team was fantastic and are really helpful. I have experienced the individual coaching. During several sessions, the team helps to improve and change my point of view in order to get noticed and look successfully for a job opportunity.

    Mohammed - MOROCCO

    Lead Engineer

  • Profiler GmbH have been very professional, friendly and supportive in helping me find a job and I have felt they are the first genuine recruitment agency I have come across. The level of service I received did not change once I was placed in the job vacancy and they have always time to speak to me if I have had any questions. I have been very impressed with there speed and efficiency and would recommend this recrutiment agaency to anyone requiring a focused, knowledgeable, approachable and highy organised team to successfully help them with their next career move.

    Karan - INDIA

    System Administrator

  • The entire team at Profiler is professional, knowledgeable and expert in functions like Recruitment, HR process, Finance-HR payroll, Contracts. The trust shown by Profiler management team not only boosted my confidence but also raised my profile. Time to time suggestions, Resume writing and preparing for Interview, turned out positive for finding a Job offer to me. In the short span that I spent working with Profiler, I witnessed full range of their capabilities and can vouch each of their employee as an expert, caring and thorough professional.

    Chandana - Germany


  • I attended a coaching session with Profiler and received very friendly and professional advice. It was a lot of fun, very helpful and I will recommend it to others. Thank you very much for all the tips!

    Toni - GERMANY


  • I took a online coaching session where I was given valuable and supportive advice. I had a great time and it helped me a lot.

    Rehan - GERMANY

    Sales Specialist